Hagalaz Healing™

In my own healing journey, I learned much about many healing modalities- Reiki, Crystal healing, hypnotherapy, guided meditations, yoga, breathwork, Mantras and more.  The most important thing I learned, however, is that in most cases you need more than one modality to find true, deep, inner healing.

So, as I awakened and leveled up throughout my own journey, and I unlocked the power of Rune-healing from past life recall and current life visions, I heard the calling to bring the old power into modern times and to blend modalities together into a "Master Process" that will deliver you the highest, most impactful healing journey to-date!

The Hagalaz Healing™ process is that- a multi-modality healing process I have developed over the last five years, centered around the Ancient healing abilities of the Elder Futhark Runes, and incorporating Crystal Gridding, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Quantum Trance Journeying, specialized Mantra work, breathwork and more. 

It is designed to be a high-impact healing process and the high value Hagalaz Healing™ Journey Program will help you root out all your past traumas, blockages, limiting beliefs and leave you educated with the knowledge and skills to help you stay healed so you can finally be free to live your life the way you dream it!

The Hagalaz healing™ Journey is my Signature Service bundled into a High Value Program that takes you on the most impactful healing Journey across your past, present and future over a period of 9 weeks.

The process starts the moment you sign up and pay.  You will be sent links to fill out a client intake form, take our unique 81 Chakra-Mantra Alignment Test™† developed by me specifically for this process, and to book your first session.

Session one is an open-ended deep dive into your provided data on the intake form and quiz results, followed by an Integration Healing. As part of that healing we take a Quantum Trance Journey to the World Tree to visit with Ratatoskr and through your personal time stream to explore and dig through, looking for things you may have forgotten about, repressed or were overlooking because you didn't realize their impact on your life.

Sessions 2-8 are the real meat and potatoes of the healing.  In these sessions we run through your entire life from birth to present and we take a peek at possible futures.  These sessions are highly focused on healing all your traumas, limiting beliefs and blockages created by events in your life progressively, stage by stage, working through your life from the earliest issues to your present space!

Session 9 is a graduation of your Journey with us.  There is . And we go over our Journey together and over the new skills and exercises you've learned through the process to ensure you stay healed and are able to conquer any future obstacles and live your life the way you dreamed it! And it ends with a one final, special, celebratory Quantum Trance Journey to your "Happy Healing Space"™!

The Journey never truly ends....

While my process will leave you healed and whole in a way you have only dreamed about, the Journey itself never truly ends.  There are always opportunities to continue to grow and expand our horizons.  And then there are always chances of something new occurring that you just need a little teamwork on. 

For this reason, Hagalaz Healing™ Journey Graduates are eligible for a highly discounted short version follow-up session- reusable as needed, if needed, whenever needed so that you can graduate with the security of knowing that you are never alone no matter where you are on your Journey!

But that isn't all you will get for signing up to find your healing with me at Jera Laguz!

Hagalaz Healing™ Journey members will get all of the following benefits:


  1. A highly customized Journey, custom fit to cover your entire life as explained above!
  2. Nine 90-minute sessions that normally go for $249/each bundled down to an equivalent $222.1111/each- that is 89% of the standard session!
  3. Full, private, one on one support throughout the 9 week program that does not come with singular sessions.
  4. The above mentioned, reusable, discounted Graduate's Session upon graduation that is only available to program graduates. At $65 for a 30 minute session, that equates to 78% cost per minute of the standard session!
  5. Your final Foundation Grid used in the Journey will be made permanent, with all the crystals used. into a decorative centerpiece work of art as a memento of your Journey and shipped to you at no additional cost! (a $297+ value not including the shipping!)
  6. The Hagalaz Healing™ Journey Guarantee:  If you don't feel you have reclaimed your power over life and found happiness in the 9 weeks as I've promised, we'll continue the Journey until you do!  Everyone's situation is different, and while the Journey intends only one week per main Chakra, some blocks and trauma are *critically* deep-rooted and may take a few sessions to break in full... We will do the work until we've succeeded and cleared you through every phase of your life, past through present and have you prepared for your future!

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