What is the Hagalaz Healing™ Process?

The Hagalaz Healing™ process is a multi-modality Master healing process I have developed over the last 5 years.

It is centered around an Ancient healing art utilizing the Elder Futhark Runes, and modernized to include multiple modalities both old and new in symbiotic ways, and is designed to be high-impact - delivering not only fast but lasting results!

It incorporates all of the following healing modalities in varying amounts based on your individual plan needs:

  1. Ancient Runic Healing in various forms as applicable.
    1. These may include Bindrune Grids, Runic Bandages, Runic Chants & more!
  1. Crystal Gridding & Healing
  2. Reiki Healing
  3. Guided Meditations
  4. Energy Alchemy
  5. Quantum Trance Journeying
  6. Master Mantra Work
  7. Compassion Clearing
  8. Specialized Breathwork 
  9. Multiverse Mindset Activations
  10. Akashic Record Reading and Clearing (by request)

The high value Hagalaz Healing™ Journey Program will help you root out all your past traumas, blockages, limiting beliefs and leave you educated with the knowledge and skills to help you stay healed so you can finally be free to live your life the way you dream it!

Although the Hagalaz Healing™ Journey Program is guaranteed to heal all these things across your entire life in only 9 weeks, please know that the effects are actually mostly subtle as it is spread out in stages across 9 weeks


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