If you're looking for...  

✅ ...a place to foster your spiritual growth and developmen...

✅ ...a place of peace to help you heal from anything and everything...

✅ ...a means to unlock your highest potential to achieve your dreams...

✅ ...a judgement-free community of acceptance, full of wellness minded individuals...

Then let me be the first to welcome you home to Jera Laguz, "Where ancient wisdom meets Modern Healing!"™ (Pronounced: /YAIRR-ah · LAH-gooz/)

What is Jera Laguz?

🤗 Quite simply, Jera Laguz is my brainchild. First envisioned in the early days of my spiritual growth and healing journey, the first steps of Jera Laguz as a haven of healing for the world are being made now!

For the moment it is a small solo operation run by myself, Michael R Hackett. But with your help we're going to grow this into an international level center of healing! 🗺 Jera Laguz will not only embrace and promote my own modality of healing, but of others as well❗

🤓 Both scientific and holistic methodologies, and the ones like my own that use both sides of the coin, have a home at Jera Laguz! And as we grow this community of wellness together, you will be able to visit with them all in one location!

📈 The future of healing is about to be revolutionized!  Stop by my connect page to see all the ways you can get involved, get connected 🔗 and stay connected as we level up together phase by phase!

Are you ready to transform your life for the better? 

😇 Everyone deserves to live a life healed and whole without limitation, blockages or trauma, and free from pain and suffering.  In only ~9 weeks~ Hagalaz Healing™ will do this for you and  completely transform your life!  Stop by the Hagalaz Healing™ Journey page to learn more and take the first step towards reclaiming your power over your life!


Fehu-Wunjo · Dagaz
Stay Blessed!
And welcome to Jera Laguz, my friend!

~ Michael R Hackett
    Hagalaz Healing™ Master


I am grateful you found your way here!