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Here you may freely Download my PDF Guides on multiple topics!

Mastering Mantras

The Mastering Mantras Guide will teach you all the ins and outs of how to maximize creating your Mantras to get the most response out of them- up to 81x increased effectiveness!


You will learn:

  • My own specific Formula guaranteed to help you create more powerful mantras!
  • The 9 prefixes to trigger responses from specific Chakra.
  • How to optimize the suffix portion for greater effect.
  • The biggest secrets no one else is teaching that will make your Mantras work more quickly with less repetition- only twice a day!
Mastering Mantras Guide
PDF – 862.9 KB 45 downloads

Electromagnetic Manipulation

The Electromagnetic Manipulation Guide is, essentially, a precursor to learning Reiki & in many ways is actually an Advanced Level 1 Reiki technique.


Except, you do not actually need activation or certification to use this technique for yourself! (You don't actually need an activation or certification to use Reiki, only training on how!)


You will learn:


  • The basics and intricacies of our Electromagnetic Fields that are a part of the energetic body system.
  • How the +/- Polarities of this part of the system work.
  • How to use the terminals in your hands to complete circuits between Chakra points to bypass energetic blocks and transfer your energy for a temporary balance/boost.
  • How to ground out physical pain through an open circuit to the earth or an object via the terminals in your hands.
Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Guide
PDF – 20.7 MB 53 downloads