About Jera Laguz

My name is Michael Hackett and I help people conquer life-debilitating issues so that they can reclaim their power over life and live happy and free from pain suffering.

You can learn more about my own healing Journey in the section About Michael Hackett.  Here I want to tell you a bit about Jera Laguz itself. 

Jera Laguz was first imagined by me back in late 2018 as part of a grand vision of my own future when I found my healing and the ability to help others heal.  I'm here to revolutionize the healing industry, as well as build a greater communal spirit around Wellness and all the various modalities, both scientific and holistic, to bring them together for a greater impact on the Wellness of the World at large!

That future is starting now!


Not your typical Holistic Healing business...

Jera Laguz is not your typical holistic healing business however.  We plan on revolutionizing the Healing industry as a whole!  You see, I found a way to deliver true LASTING healing to people!


No more having to go to a healer or therapist:

❎ week over week!
❎ month over month!!
❎ year over year!!!


In only 9 weeks with my Master process, Hagalaz Healing™, we can completely transform your life and deliver you true, lasting healing from all your traumas, blockages and limiting beliefs! 

Other healers might want to hate me, at least at first, but here is the thing- they are still very important and have their place. 

For starters, my process is not yet available to the public to learn. And new healers have to start somewhere!  While I am working out a phase by phase plan to make Hagalaz Healing™ available to learn, this will take time!

Additionally, Hagalaz Healing™ is not  for everyone!  It is deeply involved and requires a level of commitment from you that most people are not ready for.  Those people not ready to truly commit to healing their lives utterly and completely for good will benefit from the other healers out there that work with single modalities or lesser lasting processes that only help temporarily.


Building the Wellness Community

This is also where building that greater communal spirit around the Health & Wellness industry comes into play.  You might not be ready for my services or need my specialties, but I know some people who you could benefit from, and they know some people I don't know... At the end of the day, it's about healing the world one person at a time.

"It takes a village..."  How many of you have heard that quote?  Sometimes it takes more than a mere village, it takes a larger community!  So let's build that community so that no one is left behind, because everyone deserves to be healed and feel whole!  Our dream in progress will lead us to building a greater Wellness Community, working together from one location even. 


We'll go into more detail on that plan as it starts to come to fruition. In the meantime, just imagine a world of Wellness minded peoples all working together for the greater good of humanity!  It's lovely, and it's already starting in bits and pieces around the world.  Now's the time to pull it all together!

Now, for those of you who are ready...

✅ Ready to be done with pain and suffering once and for all...

✅ Ready to live the life you've been dreaming so desperately of...

✅ And don't want to spend years of hard work getting there like I had to...

Then my Master process, Hagalaz Healing™ is for you!

✅ Learn more about me and my own Journey in the ABOUT MICHAEL HACKETT section.

✅ Check out the ABOUT HAGALAZ HEALING™ to learn more about the process in general. 

✅ Check out the HAGALAZ HEALING™ JOURNEY section for all the specifics about our 9 week Journey Program.