I first imagined Jera Laguz (pronounced /YAIRR-uh LAH-gooz/) Wellness back in late 2018 amidst my own healing and spiritual journey when I first discovered my soul purpose as a Healer.  My name is Michael R Hackett and for most of my life I suffered...

I was chronically abused by my siblings and peers throughout the majority of my childhood, in all forms- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual.  As a teen I was bullied and labeled as "sensitive" and ostracized for being "different".

As a young adult, I just did not fit in well with the majority, and large crowds made me anxious and on edge.  In 2006, at age 28, my entire life that was just starting to feel "OK" came crashing down when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the surgery intended to save my life left me a quadriplegic and clinically depressed.

I found the strength to heal my physical body years sooner than the doctor's predictions (I was back to work in only 3 months instead of  "2-3 years, if ever"), But my depression worsened over the years until I even committed myself to an institution for a week.  On and off medication for years, I struggled and battled against my depression.  At my worst, I ended up homeless and unemployed for 3 years and became suicidal.

Eventually, almost a decade after my surgery, I was finally getting back on my feet with a little help from a good friend who gave me a place to stay and held me accountable for making the effort to get back on my own two feet. That eventually led me into the connection that started my Awakening and my spiritual journey and how I found my healing.

More than just my own healing though, I found my purpose to help others heal but not in the same manner as I did. My healing was a struggle! As a male in a predominantly female-driven market I was often excluded from programs simply because I was a male.  Some did not want to believe I was legitimate in wanting to heal and grow, and some of them were just not comfortable working with a male. 

I do not begrudge any of them for it, for their reasons are valid.  In the end it was also meant to be a part of my path in order to learn all the ways and methods I could to heal myself.  It is also what led me to develop the high-impact healing process I now bring to the entirety of world, exclusion-free.

But why all the pictures of animals?

I am an animal lover and all the cats and dogs pictured on this page are a part of my family.  We are the "Hack Pack"!  Each of them is a rescue, but in truth they have helped to rescue me!  If it weren't for Mater and Mattie who helped see me through the homelessness and depression, I might not be here to bring this healing to the world as I do!

Because of my love of animals, the fact that animals can suffer trauma and need healing same as people, and some of my own furbabies were early recipients of my healing processes, I also offer healing service to animals!  There is no current high value Journey program for animals, but animals do sometimes need healing same or similar as people. 

They are usually more naturally recipient of the energies, so sessions are shorter, but they get the same quality and effort as I give people! You can find sessions for booking for your beloved animal companions on my Calendly page at:  https://calendly.com/michaelrhackett!